The (Un)Professionals-1

Walking down the long pathway, he felt a strange mix of feelings. He couldn’t place his emotions exactly. Was he happy that he will be with his parents after a long time? Or sad that he will never enter this place again? One last time, he entered his details in the register and entered the building. The thought that he will not come back to this place was unsettling. He slowed his pace and thought hard, did he take a right decision? Will he regret it later? Anyway, it was too late to do anything about it. He has to get over with it. He quickened his pace, and by doing so, he shunned his thoughts away.

13 months isn’t too long a time to get settled in a place and get emotionally attached to it. But somehow, he had grown to like this place. The shiny blue task-boards, the white panels, sometimes the fresh smell of jasmine flowers, the bright posters that adorned the walls, the cheerful faces and the random movements. He especially loved chatting away with two of his cubicle-mates and he had just started growing fond of them.


Entering his cabin now, he went and took his seat. There was no one around. He checked his watch and smiled because he was early. He had hardly been so early before. His hands automatically went to press the ctrl+alt+delete button to log on to the system in front of him. He typed his credentials and the default blue windows-screen welcomed and logged him in. As he sat there, waiting for others, he thought how much he loved the place, the people, his leads etc. He never spoke much to any of them, because he was an introvert, but he genuinely liked all of them. They were always sweet and smiling and were helpful. They never complained. He realized that he was sad after all. Now looking at the screen, he saw a notification about a new mail. He opened it and found that he had received a mail from Ram who sat in the same cubicle. There was a meeting invite for all the team members. He read the subject. He was embarrassed for the few drops of tears that were brimming in his eyeballs.

To be continued..


When I do something out-of-the-norm..

ImageAs a rule, I never read tamil newspaper or books. Don’t get me wrong. It isn’t because I don’t know to read or write the language, it is simply because I am a tad bit slower in reading and comprehending tamil than english. So I prefer reading anything(news, stories, reviews) in english than my mother language. Oh, and of course I am prejudiced about tamil newspapers-the big black font and  the insignificant news items that covers half the front page.

Despite my parent’s repeated requests and advises about  reading tamil newspapers and tamil magazines, I never bothered. Until today. I don’t know what made me(maybe it was want of more news about the elections)but there I was sitting on the couch and reading ‘Dinamalar’. 

There was one article that particularly had caught my eye earlier in the English paper. It was about how “an IT-firm(whose name was clearly mentioned) techie had stabbed his colleague” . Curiosity about the murder and the name of the company had grabbed my attention instantly. It had made my blood boil to read that the murderer had in fact killed another woman few years ago, was jailed  and was still taken into the company in spite of his past criminal records. Few months ago, there was a news about a woman from the same company gang-raped by some construction workers. Being an employee of the company, I could only foresee and feel worried that the reputation of the firm going down the drains. But, being a woman, I thought they deserved this black-mark for not checking up on the history of the employees they took in.

However, when I was reading the same item in the tamil newspaper, my perspective completely changed. The simple fact that they chose to maintain the anonymity of the company (by using the word ‘thaniyar IT niruvanam’  translating to ‘a private IT firm’) intrigued me. The first thought I had was that it was pointless hiding the name as they deserved it. However, when I thought further, I realized that the company does indeed do a clear BGC(Background check) before hiring people. They do not employ unless they provide documents such as  ‘notarized’ criminal affidavits and medical certificates. I realized where the problem was and it was shocking. Anybody, and by that I really mean any-freaking-criminal can easily get an affidavit notarized by just paying around 200-300 bucks from notary- public lawyers, who are available throughout the city. They do not even know who you are and they simply sign if you pay them. It’s scary and I really am scared about the people I work with. So, am I wrong to think that the company is not in fault, because they did and still do everything in their abilities to take only non-dangerous individuals? And yes, I am going to give heed to my parents’ advises and start reading tamil newspapers as well, because it gives me some perspective.




Why I’m doing What I’m doing!



Hey there!  I very well know that the title might sound too abstract for a first post. But there is a reason. One of my really good friends tells me that I have a habit of explaining things to myself in the process of explaining it to someone else. This would mean, that you are put in this awkward position of having to put up with me, at times, until I get to the point or rather, until I figure out what I am trying to convey. But , honestly patience is virtue and I absolutely assure you that I would get better eventually ( There, I convinced both of us!)

So, getting to the point, I’m going to explain you (read, me :P) why I have taken up this arduous task of creating a blog , out of the blue. It does help when I jot down as points, so here I go:

1. I like writing. Writing, according to me (somewhat an optional introvert..I’ll get to that later :P) has clearly an advantage over speaking. Writing gives you an opportunity for introspection and  gives you scope for expressing words or feelings that might otherwise go, unsaid or unnoticed.  Writing, is beautiful. (Yes, I love writing.)

2. In this life, full of care, where there’s no time to stand and stare, I needed a space where I could give importance to myself and reflect my thoughts.  So, I am going to  leave the past behind and a start a new chapter as a blogger.  Unlike some embarrassing blogs of my past, this new blog is going to be for keeps. It will be a fresh and bright journey.( Because I want to reflect a lot? Well, makes sense.)

3. My language. Honestly, as a 9th grader, I could beat anyone in my grade in English. I was very proud of my language and was an ardent participant in all of English-related competitions. Slowly, like a tough glacier breaking down to small rubbles and breaking away, my language started going down the drain.  I wanted to create myself an environment for improving and sustaining my language. (A platform for increasing the mortality of my language)

4. For Keepsakes. Down the line, when I look back, it would be really beautiful to read  and reminisce(I can never get this spelling right.Thank god, for the spell check) about the past, to laugh later at my immaturity if I had done anything stupid and to cry for some nostalgic feeling that can never come back. To know that my life wasn’t  just a blur that went by too fast, but a clear definite picture of beautiful memories. ( A big yes to memory!)

There we go, now both of us know, why I am doing what I am doing.

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind” said Rudyard Kupling.

Ready to get ODd with me? 🙂